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What is Naked Eating?

What is Naked Eating?

So what is ‘Naked Eating’? While it doesn’t necessary involve sitting around your kitchen eating with your clothes off, what you do in your kitchen is your business!

So what does Naked Eating involve? At its most basic, naked eating is about making the healthiest food choices possible, opting for organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains instead of processed and refined foods. To eat naked, there are a few easy principles to follow.

Naked Eating Principles:

  • Eat 3-4 sensible sized meals each day
  • Focus on combining healthy food choices (choose a healthy protein such as nuts or legumes and combine with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains)
  • Avoid ALL over-processed and refined foods (especially sugar, white rice, and white flour)
  • Avoid saturated and trans fat, instead consuming healthy fats (like avocados and flax seeds)
  • Avoid ALL sodas and other sugary juices and drinks
  • Choose organic food whenever possible
  • Avoid high-calorie, zero nutrient foods (i.e., junk food)
  • Eat meals with proper portion sizes
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water every day

What can you expect from Naked Eating?

We’ve all heard the saying “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change” yet many of these ‘lifestyles’ focus only on what we eat or more importantly what we can’t eat. Naked Eating is definitely about providing your body with the healthiest, most nutritious foods available but it’s also about peeling back the layers and revealing the true you, it’s about ditching the negative factors in your life and opening yourself up to positive changes. It’s about living in harmony with the environment, our communities, our families and ourselves.While Naked Eating doesn’t focus on weight lose it is a great way to reduce body fat, lower cholesterol, prevent or eliminate various degenerative diseases such as type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, eliminate migraines, help reduce allergies and keep weight off (source). It also helps to clear up skin and grow healthier hair and nails and boosts your energy levels (source).

Next Steps?

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi

Eating Naked requires time, commitment and pre-planning. It’s not just a way of eating that can accomplished weight loss or overall health by doing it on the weekends only. If you’re ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle we will provide you with the tools necessary to find success. Things are always a little scary in the beginning but we’re here to walk you through it at your pace. Click on one of the links below to get started!

Naked Eating – Starting Out – One Step At A Time

Naked Eating – Starting Out – Positive Changes Start Now


  1. I just landed here when pinning your recipe for cinnamon almond dip… decided to see what “clean eating” meant to you.

    I hope you’ll reconsider your stance on saturated fats and realize that pairing them with trans-fats is a terrible disservice.
    Saturated fats, like coconut oil, butter and tallow are an vital part of a well-nourished diet. Of course it’s necessary to make sure the animals were raised properly: on pasture, under the sun, etc…, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish!

    1. Author

      Hi Beth,

      Actually we have changed our stance on saturated fats. We are currently working on some major changes and one of the things we will be rewriting is this post. Saturated fats are necessary for our body and those that come from healthy sources (like coconut, nuts and avocado) are a good addition to a healthy diet.


  2. Thanks for all of the information! I hadn’t really dug around in your recipe archives until I saw the links you’d provided, and I’m excited about the tasty – and easy! – food I’ve found. I’ve been trying to get into a more plant-based diet but kept giving myself excuses about it being boring or too expensive, and you’ve reminded me that I’m incorrect on both counts. Thanks 🙂

    1. Author

      That’s so glad to hear Rachel!!! Plant based food is by far the tastiest food I’ve ever had and far from boring! I hope you enjoy our recipes! Keep us updated.



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