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Earthbound Farms Product Review and A Very Green Meal Plan

I had just run out of the usual baby salad greens that I get from the market. The brand I usually got I happen to really like because they are grown locally and are so fresh and crisp. I needed some in a hurry and I knew that the little store that is just down the road didn’t have these greens but I figured I could find something else similar. This turned out to be a good thing because I found 2 new products from Earthbound Farms, Organic Mixed Baby Kales and Organic Power Greens (baby spinach, baby kales and baby red and green chard).

powergreens (2)

Earthbound Farms Organic Mixed Baby Kales

I love kale but find that it can be quite tough to eat and needs to be de-stemmed first. I know some people also find it to be a bit strong tasting so avoid using it. The baby kale mix from Earthbound Farms is delightfully tender and flavorful, no de-stemming needed and is perfect to add to a salad, stir fries, steamed, added to soups and so much more.

powergreens (2)

Earthbound Farms Organic Power Greens

I have tried to like chard. I know how nutritious it is and it’s usually quite economically priced. I will eat it if it is served to me but I don’t love it. This Organic Power Green mix is the perfect solution. You get the nutritional benefits but a more mellow flavor with this green leafy trio. The Organic Power Greens can be used in much the same way as the Organic Baby Kales and are also good to add to smoothies without overpowering the flavors of the other ingredients.

Now that I have found these “babies” I want to use them in every way possible. Here is a very green meal plan featuring them in several different ways.


Weekly daily meal plan

Breakfast – 1 cup fruit and Power Greens smoothie. Example 1 small banana (frozen), 10 strawberries (frozen), 1 cup Power Greens, 1 cup orange juice and 2 tbsp raw hemp seeds.

Snack – 1 Homemade Pita Bread with 2 tbsp peanut butter

Lunch – 1 cup Kale, Squash and Potato Soup and 1 apple

Snack – 2 Stuffed Cinnamon Raisin Puffs

Dinner – 1 Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger and 1 serving green salad (1/2 baby lettuces and half Power Greens) with toppings and dressing of your choice.


*We were in no way compensated for our review of Earthbound products.  We simply enjoyed them and wanted to share our opinion with you.

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