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The New Green Smoothie Diet and a GIVEAWAY!

The New Green Smoothie Diet and a GIVEAWAY!

Back in January of this year my husband and I embarked on a 5 day juice detox.  It was the first time either of us had done any type of juice fast and we ended up loving it.  To this day we still begin each and every morning with a green smoothie.  So you can only image how excited I was when Hilary Greenleaf contacted me about her newest book – The New Green Smoothie Diet.  She was kind enough to send me a copy to review and it was love at the first chapter!

If you have ever wondered about juicing all your questions are answered in this book.  The beginning gives you a very thorough introduction to what green smoothies are, basic ingredients, how to make them, how often to drink them and much more.  If you’ve been juicing for awhile then you’ll probably know most of this information but I still enjoyed reading about the benefits that green smoothies offer and it was a great way to keep my motivation going.

I think the breakdown of this book is one of it’s finest features.  Instead of just throwing a bunch of recipes together it breaks it down for what goals you’re looking to achieve.  It has specific sections for weight loss, detoxifying, increasing energy, fighting heart disease, preventing certain cancers, boosting the immune system and more.  In each section it talks about key ingredients to use and why they are useful for that particular cause.  At the end of each section you’ll find some recipes that feature the key ingredients previously mentioned.

I have to admit that I’m pretty boring when it comes to my smoothie/juicing drinks.  I usually make an apple/spinach/kale drink each and every morning.  The recipes in Hilary’s book made me break out of my mundane box and it tasted so good.  One of my favorite recipes in the book is in the Increasing Energy section.  It’s a combination of spinach, pomegranate, frozen berries and ice.  It was AMAZING!  I could have had one of those smoothie’s with every meal.  I’ve tried just about every recipe in the book and there wasn’t one that disappointed me.

Hilary knows how much we appreciate our readers and she didn’t want any of you to lose out on all the fantastic benefits that drinking green smoothies have to offer.  She was awesome enough to let us giveaway 2 of her books to 2 lucky readers.  You can enter below and it’s soooo easy!

Now, if for some reason you aren’t one of the lucky 2 don’t fear, I have great news!  Head on over to amazon and pick up a digital copy of The New Green Smoothie Diet for only $2.99 – that’s not a typo people!!!  Click here to check out all the details!

We will announce the winner this Friday, March 30th on our Facebook Page.  Everyone is eligible to enter so tell your friends and family and let’s get the word out on how healthy and nutritious green smoothies are!


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